Grit Gitter
The Grit Gitter is small and easy to use. It’s designed to be used while you’re relaxing in the hot tub or spa , and the “Reacher-Feature”  extender accessory enables easy use from outside the tub. The Grit-Gitter has a highly optimized hydraulic design that provides incredible suction for its small size.



Scum Bug
The ScumBug absorbs 40 times its own weight in body oils and lotions, helping to keep your spa sparkling clean! The ScumBug is made of open-cell cross-linked polyethylene foam. The resin used to make this foam is 100% oil-based, thus it has a molecular attraction to all oils, including body oils, suntan lotions, hair sprays and cosmetics.




Squeeze ‘n’ Clean
Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 1.31.58 PMMaintain the beauty and service life of your spa cover and accessories by using Sunstar Squeeze ‘n’ Clean Vinyl Cleaner and Conditioning Crème. These products, supplied in 12-ounce bottles, are easy to use and will restore the luster to your spa cover and pillows.