July 2017

Dear Valued Sunstar Dealer:

We have received a few requests recently for polyester covers. After completing our due diligence on this material option, we felt it was important to share our results with you.

The primary benefit to polyester is that it is lighter and looks more like “material” than vinyl does. However, the negatives of polyester far outweigh this benefit. Unlike vinyl, polyester is NOT water repellent. While it can be treated, this is a finish that quickly wears off. Therefore, when it rains, water soaks through the poly and goes directly to the cores. While cores are sealed in plastic, this regular drenching means that the cores get heavy over a very short period of time.

In addition to our above finding, polyester has proven to have poor tensile strength. This means that unlike vinyl, it is not resistant to tearing. Polyester is also subject to staining and very difficult to clean. Our “Accelerated Destructive Testing” and actual testing on an outside spa over time both showed the same result. Polyester material, when used for a spa cover, has poor long term performance and does not hold up over our 3 year non-prorated warranty period.

Sunstar takes great pride in the fact the our present marine grade vinyl covers last longer than our warranty period, therefore we have decided not to carry polyester material for our covers. We do hope you understand we have made this decision in your best interest. We want your customers to be happy with a product that will stand up over time.

We are currently researching alternative finish options to our marine grade vinyl and plan to continue to expand our offerings. At present we have the upgraded option of both ganache and grey linen. If you have not received your sample or need additional info on this, please e-mail Sue Sousa at [email protected] or give her a call at 800-438-8677 ext 5314.

It is important to note that Sunbrella is not a poly material. This is a very high end upgrade that we do continue to carry in True Brown. The newest addition of linen is a more economical upgrade than Sunbrella.

We appreciate all of the business you send our way and want to continue to do our very best to exceed your expectations!

Thank you,
Sunstar Operations Team