— Winterizing Tips–

  • Even if you don’t condition your top vinyl every month, we recommend you give it one good treatment just before snow or ice. If possible, treat your top vinyl during the winter too.
  • Our Vinyl Conditioning Creme keeps the vinyl supple and prevents it from drying out during harsh winter weather.
  • After every snow fall or ice storm, use a soft broom to remove the accumulation from your Spa Top®  this will help preserve your foam cores, and a broom won’t damage the vinyl.
  • Handle tie-down straps and handles with care, because in really cold climates, even though our top vinyl is rated to a -20 degree cold crack, and the bottom vinyl to a -40 degree cold crack, vinyl won’t stretch.
  • For added security in windy stormy conditions, consider using our Hold-Down Straps® which lock down tightly.

Proper Water Chemistry is KEY!


  • Bad water chemistry can cause mildew to grow on your cover during long periods of non-use.
  • Be sure to test your water on a regular basis.
  • Clean water and good PH levels can prolong the life of your spa cover.

OH NO! I found Mildew on my cover. What now?

  • If you have mildew on your spa cover, first remove foam cores from the vinyl encasement. Mix two gallons of water, a teaspoon of mild dishwashing soap and one cup of bleach. With a soft bristle brush, scrub the inside of the encasement thoroughly.
  • Take a wash cloth and wipe down each foam core. Rinse both well. Place the encasement in the sun and foam cores in the shade to dry. (Do not put foam cores in the sun – they will melt!)
  • Once everything is dry, spray the cores and inside the encasement with a mildew inhibitor like Pine Sol®. Allow everything to dry completely, then reassemble. Then make sure to maintain proper water chemistry to avoid mildew from returning.
  • If you are using WD-40 to free the Sure-Locs, try using a Q-tip to keep the WD-40 away from your wood cabinet. (It can damage the finish.)